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3 Ways to Get More Volume in Your Hair

Blake Charles Salon
August 6, 2022

There’s something about voluminous hair done right that is just beautiful. If you’ve ever looked at your hair and thought it looked sort of flat and lank, you’ve probably wondered if there was anything you could do to rescue it. The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to get that volume you’re looking for.

Use the Right Products (Correctly)

Anyone who wants more volume in their hair would do well to start by using shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for volume. When using these products, focus on using the shampoo at the roots and the conditioner at the ends. This will help cleanse your hair without weighing it down, which can go a long way towards getting more volume in your hair. On a similar note, use volumizing sprays, mousse, and dry shampoo. Skip thick creams; those just weigh your hair down.

Get Your Hair Professionally Styled

Did you know that how your hair is styled can have a powerful impact on how much volume it has? If you want more volume in your hair, talk to your stylist about it the next time you visit. Long layers can give naturally straight hair more body and movement, while short hairstyles like bobs work well for light hair. The shorter cut means that the hair is less weighed down by itself, making it easier to achieve greater volume.

Be Kind to Your Hair

It’s so much easier to get volume out of hair that is well cared for. Start by eating a nutritious diet that contains hair-healthy vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin D, biotin, and fatty acids. Be gentle to your hair when you dry it and if you ever blow dry it. You don’t want to create volume with split ends, after all. Try blotting your hair dry instead of rubbing it. If you blow dry it, use heat protectants and try getting some extra volume by blow drying it upside down. Alternatively, you can always try getting a little more volume in your hair simply by changing up where you part it, which is perhaps the gentlest way there is.

If you want more volume in your hair, there are some great options for making that possible. A lot of what it boils down to is using the right tools and taking care of your hair in a way that helps it achieve that beautiful volume. Remember, it’s not easy to get salon results at home, so be sure to ask your stylist for some tips for achieving your preferred style and maintaining the beautiful results you get when you come in to visit us.

Using the right products is one of the best things you can do to improve your hair’s volume. Click here to see volume-specific products from Blake Charles Salon today!