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How to Keep Your Hands Looking Fresh and Youthful

Blake Charles Salon
January 20, 2023

You use your hands all day, every day. They do so much for you. Don’t they deserve to be taken care of? Taking good care of your hands keeps them functioning properly. Incidentally, the things that keep your hands in good shape can also help keep them looking fresh and youthful. So what should you do?


Moisturizing is important for skin all over the body. Your hands can be especially susceptible to drying out, however. Think about how many times you wash your hands, wash the dishes, or expose your hands to cold, windy conditions. All of these can lead to dry skin on your hands, especially if you use harsh soaps and sanitizers. Moisturizing your hands regularly protects the skin from damage. Use quality products and avoid those with isopropyl alcohol or sulfates to get the most benefit.


At-home moisturizing is great, but treating yourself to a manicure takes moisturizing to the next level. Manicures are a great way to pamper yourself and keep your hands looking fresh and youthful. The moisturizing products are great for keeping your skin soft and pliable. The hand massage promotes good circulation, relaxes the hand muscles, and helps work the products deeper into your skin. Filing and painting your nails to perfectly suit your aesthetic adds the perfect finishing touch for a fresh, youthful, completed look.


Sometimes your hands need some extra TLC. That’s where other salon services come into play. While the hydrafacial services offered by Blake Charles Salons are commonly used to treat facial skin, they can also be used for the benefit of your hands. Hydrafacial treatments can cleanse, exfoliate, and protect your hands. They remove dead skin and impurities while applying cleansing, hydrating serums for healthy, radiant, and more youthful-looking skin. Because these treatments can be customized for your skin and its needs, it’s suitable for virtually all skin types. It’s just the sort of care you need to maintain your hands’ youthful appearance.

When people talk about looking younger, they often focus on keeping your face looking youthful. Your hands are another place where age tends to show, however. Take steps to keep your hands looking fresh and youthful so they look as young as your face does. If you need some help maintaining the youth and beauty of your hands, come see us at Blake Charles Salons. We’re more than happy to help!

Did you know that hydrafacials aren’t just for your face? They can help the skin of your hands too! Click here to learn more about Blake Charles Salons’ hydrafacial services today!