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Kerastase Hair Treatments: For Beautiful, Healthy and Manageable Hair

Blake Charles Salon
January 12, 2017

Joseph Cozza Salon is a San Francisco hair salon with two convenient locations on Market Street and Maiden Lane, that works with all types of hair. One of the most requested hair services we offer is the Kerastase Fusio-Dose Hair Lab treatment that is adapted to each client’s needs by using a freshly fused formula designed for instant results which are nothing short of amazing!

With our Kerastase hair treatment, you can experience an instant, hair transformation with a tailor-made treatment that’s freshly-formulated by your stylist to meet your specific hair needs. Below is an overview of the Kerastase hair treatments we provide at our two San Francisco salon locations and how they each can help with some of the most common hair issues and problems.

Color Radiance

If you have colored hair that lacks density, we have the Kerastase hair treatment your hair needs for a boost of brilliant color radiance for improved density and tone. Using Kerastase’s Concentre Pixelist and Booster Brilliance, your stylist can transform your dull, colored hair into hair that’s full of radiance, density, and tone.

Nourishment & Shine

If you have colored treated, unruly hair that’s lacking in shine, your stylists at Joseph Cozza have the Kerastase hair treatment you need. Using Kerastase’s Concentre Pixelist and Booster Nutrition, you can get the radiant, soft, shiny and smooth hair you need along with 72 hours of anti-frizz protection in just a few minutes.

Body & Density

If you have fine or thinning hair that lacks density, we have the Kerastase hair treatment you need to make your hair look and feel denser, with more body. Using Kerastase’s Concentre Densifique and Booster Densite, your stylist can quickly and easily transform your fine or thin hair into hair with visibly more texture and body.

Discipline and Smoothness

If your hair is hard to manage and control, we have the Kerastase hair treatment you need to deeply nourish your hair, leaving it smoothed and controlled without feeling heavy. Your stylist at Joseph Cozza can apply Kerastase’s Concentre Oleo-Fusion and Booster Discipline to your hair to make it easier to manage, smoother and more beautiful.

Repair & Protection

If you have hair that’s damaged and over-processed, your Maiden Lane & Market Street salon has the Kerastase hair treatment for you. Using Kerastase’s Concentre Vita-Ciment and Booster Reconstruction, we can repair your over-processed and damaged hair, leaving you with beautiful and manageable hair that’s soft, shiny and brilliant.

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