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Strategies to Help You Avoid Over-processed Hair

Blake Charles Salon
November 20, 2022

Everyone loves having hair that has been colored and styled to perfection. While color treatments, heat tools, and more are great for achieving your desired look, too much can lead to damage and over-processed hair. Over-processed hair looks dull. It’s also more fragile and prone to breaking. It tends to feel more matted, rough, and coarse. Styling it may be more difficult. So what can you do to avoid over-processed hair?

Choose Your Stylist Wisely

You need a responsible, professional stylist, especially if you want to avoid color- and bleach-induced hair damage. A knowledgeable stylist can tell what sort of treatments your hair type is likely to handle well and when it’s time to give your hair a break. That may require them to tell you your hair isn’t up to something you want. Choose a stylist with the integrity to tell you what’s best for your hair.

Minimize Heat Exposure

Heat is great at getting hair to do what we want it to, but too much takes a toll. Try to minimize your hair’s exposure to heat to prevent heat-related hair damage by limiting heat tool use to once or twice a week. Ideally, hair should be allowed to air dry, especially colored hair. Make sure you use a heat-protectant product every time for extra protection.

Choose Products Based on Your Hair Type

Do you grab whatever shampoo or conditioner you feel like? Or do you choose them based on your hair type? The latter is the better way to go by far. Consider the texture of your hair and whether your scalp is oily or greasy. Are you prone to dandruff? Does your hair need extra strength? These are just some of the factors you should consider when choosing hair care products. Keep in mind that heat and chemicals often have a drying effect on hair. Extra moisturizing and conditioning may be necessary to prevent damage.

How your hair looks has a powerful impact on how you feel about your appearance. As you (or your stylist) use heat and chemicals to achieve your desired look, keep a watchful eye on your hair’s condition. Once you have over-processed hair, you can’t return it to its natural state–you can only mitigate the damage. Do yourself and your hair a favor and take steps to avoid over-processing your hair in the first place.

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