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The Best Polish Colors for Different Skin Tones

July 30, 2021

Manicures and pedicures are some of the more enjoyable spa and salon treatments you can have done. They feel amazing and the vast array of polishes you can choose from giving you a perfect avenue for self-expression. Of course, you find yourself thinking that one color is absolutely perfect for you only to find out that it doesn’t look as good as you hoped when it’s on you. Your skin tone could be the reason why.


For those who have deeper, darker skin tones, there are a ton of great options out there. You can easily pull off bright, vibrant, high-impact colors. Try to avoid darker brown colors, as they’re more likely to blend in, and darker grays have the potential to make your skin look dull and dry. Rich golds, bright pinks and oranges, deep purples, and dark greens and blues all look amazing. Even neon colors and white can really stand out and make a statement.


There’s a whole range of medium skin tones, from bronze to olive. Your undertone will make a huge difference in how some polish looks, but others are more likely to look good regardless. Warm colors are a great option for medium tones, though gold does have a tendency to wash out medium-toned skin. For those with more olive skin, go for vibrant or darker colors. Dark wines, metallics, oranges, blues, and yellows can all be good choices.


Anyone who has light skin knows how easily the wrong color can wash you out. While this isn’t quite as big of a deal when it comes to nail polish, since the area is so small, it can still have an impact. Those who have light skin with cooler undertones will likely find that pastels, reds, and pinks can look stunning, while darker colors tend to make you look paler. Warmer colors look great on those with warmer skin tones. Look for warmer reds, peaches, purples, and berry colors. Avoid gold, black, and dark blue, as well as colors with too much white in them since they can wash out your skin.

Your skin tone may have more of an effect on how your polish looks on you thank you think. You can, of course, still choose any color you want (or at least any color your nail tech has on hand), regardless of your skin tone. Chances are, however, that you’ll be happier with the final result if you choose polish colors with your skin tone in mind, and don’t forget about your undertone.

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