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Things You Should Never Lie About to Your Hair Stylist

Blake Charles Salon
January 20, 2022

If you were to look up hair styling horror stories on the internet, you would find enough to have you thinking twice about sitting in a salon chair with anyone who hasn’t ever worked with your hair before. The thing about a lot of these horror stories is that many of them could have been avoided simply by the client being 100% honest with the stylist. While you can spin whatever stories you like about your personal life while you chat, there are some things you should never lie to your stylist about.

Previous Color

There’s a really good reason behind any questions that get asked about any previous color you’ve had on your hair before. No matter how high quality salon color products are, any previously applied color is going to have an impact. Even non-permanent hair color can leave a lasting impression. Be completely honest about any previous color that has been on your hair. That way the stylist will know what to mix so you get the color you’re looking for without irreparably damaging your hair in the process.

Daily Routine

You may love the look of certain hairstyles and cuts, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they are a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Some cuts take a lot more care and maintenance to keep looking good than others. When your stylist asks you about what you normally do with your hair, be completely honest with them. You don’t want to wind up with a haircut that you don’t have the time, patience, skills, or tools to maintain.

Your Satisfaction with the Cut

It might be tempting to tell your stylist that you love the cut they’ve given you even when you don’t like it in an attempt to spare their feelings. That’s a pretty big mistake though. Trust us, no one wins when clients do this. The client leaves unhappy and the stylist loses out on someone who could otherwise be a regular client. Instead, just let us know if you aren’t happy with what’s been done. We’re more than happy to do what we can to fix it so you leave satisfied with your experience.

Every stylist wants their clients to leave their chair feeling good about what’s been done to their hair. It’s literally their job to do just that. No matter how good the stylist is, however, they still need a little help from you. Do both yourself and them a favor and be 100% honest and transparent with them when they ask you questions - at least the ones about your hair, anyway.

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