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Timeline Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Wedding Makeup

Blake Charles Salon
January 6, 2022

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the most special days of your life. Assuming all goes well, you’ll only have one, which means it’s extra important for everything to be perfect. That’s why you made an appointment to have your makeup done by our professionals, after all. Of course, in order for your wedding makeup to be as perfect as possible, it helps to take the time leading up to your special day to prepare your skin.


Believe it or not, the preparation for flawless skin on your wedding day starts months in advance. If you’ve been a little lax with your skincare, start back up with it at least eight months in advance and be religious about keeping up with it. Do a wedding makeup trial four months ahead of the big day and book your appointment as soon as you find something you like. Don’t forget to mention if you’re going to be tanning for your wedding so your makeup artist can make sure that your look is perfect. If you’re interested in Botox or similar procedures, have that done two months in advance. That will give you enough time to see results and fix any issues that crop up.


Two weeks before your wedding, get your eyebrows waxed or threaded if you intend to. Go in for a soothing, hydrating, gentle facial one week in advance. Resist the temptation to try something you’ve never had done before, as you don’t want to find yourself dealing with an unexpected breakout or adverse reaction right before your wedding. That means that if you’ve never had a facial before, you might want to skip out on this tip, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Does your skincare include retinol? If so, discontinue using it five days in advance to avoid potential irritation. The same goes for vitamin C and any chemical exfoliants unless your aesthetician says otherwise. Three days in advance, take some time to do an at-home treatment, whether you choose a mild peel for brightness, a purifying clay mask for oily skin, or a hydrating mask for dry skin. Just remember to not use new products at this point - you don’t want any unpleasant surprises this close to your wedding. All you have to do the day before is to make sure you get plenty of beauty sleep and hydrate - both will help your skin look its best.

From your hair to your shoes, you’ll put a lot of time and effort into preparing yourself for this day. As you go through your preparations in the months, weeks, and days leading up to your wedding, remember to take the time to prepare your skin as well. That way you’ll have beautifully clear, healthy skin that is ready for your wedding makeup.

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