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What Should I Do to Keep My Scalp Healthy?

Blake Charles Salon
August 20, 2022

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair. Not everyone knows how to achieve it though. Sure, different hair products can make a huge difference, but there’s something else you should be thinking of as well. Beautiful, healthy hair starts with one simple thing: a healthy scalp. So what should you do to keep your scalp healthy?

Be Smart about Washing Your Hair

How you wash your hair impacts more than just your hair. It can impact the health of your scalp as well. Choose gentle products that don’t contain harsh chemicals. Try to avoid sulfates, alcohol, or fragrances when possible. Think about massaging your scalp when shampooing, rather than scrubbing. That helps increase circulation and avoid abrasions. Carefully consider how frequently you should be washing your hair as well. 3-4 times a week is usually enough for most people.


You exfoliate your face, arms, and legs. Do you exfoliate your scalp? If not, doing so could give your scalp’s health a boost. Exfoliating your scalp can help remove excess oil, dead skin cells, and dandruff. It may also stimulate blood flow to your scalp, which could give your hair growth a boost. If those reasons aren’t enough, consider that exfoliating your scalp might just feel good. Treat yourself and stimulate your scalp’s health at the same time with a gentle exfoliating scalp scrub once or twice a week.

Protect It from the Sun

As with the rest of your skin, it’s best to protect it from the sun. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your hair will protect your scalp for you. While that may hold true for some people, it’s still best to use sunscreen products that are specifically formulated for your scalp, hair, and part. Oil-free and water-resistant products are best. If rubbing sunscreen into your hair isn’t anything you want to deal with, try wearing a hat while out in the sun. Alternatively, you could stick to the shade as well.

Keeping your scalp healthy is one of the best things you can do for your hair. Take steps to keep your scalp healthy. Both your skin and your hair will thank you for it (as will your stylist). If you’re ever curious about what products you can use for your scalp, ask your stylist for recommendations and tips.

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