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A Deeper Dive into Hair Types: Wavy Hair

Blake Charles Salon
November 26, 2021

So last time we took a closer look at straight hair and discovered that there were a few more twists and turns to that particular hair type than you might have thought. This time, those twists and turns should be a little less surprising, given that there are some literally built into the hair. Not quite curly, but also not straight, wavy hair is a fun in-between type of hair.

The Characteristics of Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is considered Type 2 hair (remember, Type 1 was straight). It tends to float between being dry and oily, which is part of what makes it such a friendly type for styling. You might be surprised to know that while wavy hair is generally more prone to frizz than other hair types, it’s also generally very resilient and tends to reflect shine quite well too. There are three subtypes of wavy hair: 2A, 2B, and 2C.

  • 2A: fine, thin, and tends to straighten or curl easily when styled with heat tools
  • 2B: texturally between types 2A and 2C with waves that tend to stick with the shape of your head.
  • 2C: coarse, more prone to frizzing

Wavy Hair Care

Taking care of wavy hair can be an exercise in patience. Wavy hair needs the proper amount of moisturizing if it’s to avoid being frizzy. Make sure you’re using the right hair care and styling products for your subtype to avoid weighing your hair down or not moisturizing it enough. Definitely use heat protectant before using hot tools. Try to keep the temperature down - it will help you avoid frizziness. Another no-frizz tip: avoid brushing or even finger combing your hair when it’s dry.

Styling Tips for Wavy Hair

To prep wavy hair for styling, make sure you’re using the right products (hard to overstate the importance of this here), getting the right amount of hydration, and minimizing the friction on your hair. For a simple way to enhance your waves, wash your hair at night, apply a styling product, divide your hair into two sections, and braid each section. Release and tousle in the morning, touching up as needed. To straighten, prep with your preferred styling product and use a round brush and a hair dryer to straighten and dry at the same time. You can smooth out any leftover waviness with a straightener afterward.

At the end of the day, hair sometimes seems to have a mind of its own no matter what type it is. That definitely holds true for wavy hair. That said, once you understand your wavy hair better, how to take care of it, and how to style it, you should find yourself with fewer hair rebellions on your hands.

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